Welcome to our Screwpile Lighthouse Challenge page for 2019! The three-day regatta will unfold July 20-22 in Solomons, MD. Current charts will be provided by Weather Routing, Inc. (WRI) during the event and posted to this page.     

A great weekend for racing and celebrating. And of course SpinSheet tattoos!
Looking for photos from the 2016 event? Click here.  What a gorgeous weekend in Solomons.
Whether you missed the regatta or if you're just reminiscing fondly as to how awesome last weekend truly was, photographer, videographer, and sailor Jon Deutsch has a video to bring
Gosh, we all looked so young.
We held a contest over the weekend for the best Sailor Selfies. The only condition was that they had to be taken during Screwpile, and somewhat PG-13.
We're still getting our land legs back underneath us, we can admit it.