SpinSheet Racing Roundup April 29-30

Here's your SpinSheet Racing Roundup for the weekend of April 29-30.

The first thing we should mention is that last week when we posted the 10 Reasons To Race in Annapolis Tonight, we should have called it 10 Reasons You Should Have Raced in Baltimore Last Night.

As our favorite Baltimore racer-photographer, Mary Lees Gunther, reminded us, they got the racing thing done in Charm City on Tuesday before we got started---or as the case may be, petered out---in Annapolis on Wednesday. Our apologies to our BCYA friends for not mentioning their Tuesday night start earlier (they always get started a little before Annapolis and then on the other side, end the season later.) Sail on, Baltimore weeknight warriors! Send pics and stories anytime. 

The winning Infrared team. Photo by Mary Lees Gunther

This shot is from the 2016 AYC OD Regatta. Photo by SpinSheet

Saturday, April 29: Annapolis Yacht Club Spring One Design Regatta


1.      USA 1464    Hot Toddy    J 22    Jeffrey Todd    1    1    6    1    9.0
2.      USA 1586    Uncle Fluffy    J 22    Zeke Horowitz    2    2    1    5    10.0
3.      USA 468    Scooby    J 22    J.R. Maxwell

1.      USA 526    TOTALed MAYHEM    J 30    Doug / Amy Stryker    1    2    1    1    5.0
2.    North Sails  USA 63102    Avenger    J 30    David Johnson    4    3    5    3    15.0
3.      USA 517    Bluejacket    J 30    Sumner Parker

1.      USA 1037    Dazzler    J 70    Allan Terhune, Jr.    1    1    3    3    8.0
2.      USA 209    3 Men In A Boat    J 70    Peter McChesney    2    4    1    4    11.0
3.      USA 381    Tea Dance Snake    J 70    Peter Bowe

J 105
1.      USA 328    Mirage    J 105    Lewis/ Salvesen    5    5    1    3    14.0
2.      USA 220    Bat IV    J 105    Andrew Kennedy    4    4    5    1    14.0
3.      USA 351    Inigo    J 105    Jim Konigsberg

1.      USA 105    Ca$h Money    Etchells    Matt Lalumiere    2    1    4    2    9.0
2.      USA 1388    ANNIE    Etchells    Gary Gilbert    1    2    2    5    10.0
3.      959    Solsidan    Etchells    Jonathan Forsberg

Find the complete results here.


Sunday, April 30: NASS Spring Race Results

PHRF A0 (5 boats)

1. Hooligan     Papenthein, MIDN 2/C Teddy          

2. Wahoo         Johnson, MIDN 2/C Will       

3. Ranger         Hough, MIDN 2/C Gunnar   

PHRF A1 (2 boats)

1. Reindeer      Parker, Tony   

2. Kurranulla   Jones, Stuart

PHRF A2 (5 boats)

1. Apparition   Bowes, Stephen         

2. Integrity      Cantillo, MIDN 2/C Chris     

3. Renaissance             LaGuardia, MIDN 2/C Robbie          

PHRF N (3 boats)

1. Atlas            Holden, Peter 

2. Orion           Opert, Jon      

3. Rendezvous            Carter, Rodger

Find the full results here. 

April 29: Annapolis Junior Keelboat Regatta

Archbishop Spalding High School Sailing Team: Will Comerford, Jake Vickers, Jack Irvin, and Nataila Pereira. Photo courtesy of Annapolis Boat Shows

Archbishop Spalding High School Sailing Team took home the win in the third annual running of the Annapolis Junior Keelboat Regatta. Light shifting winds created challenges for the five teams and also provided close competition, requiring precise strategies to play the shifts.  

The regatta bought together five of the area's top regional high school sailing teams to race just off the docks of the Annapolis Spring Sailboat Show in Annapolis Harbor.

The event was created by the Annapolis Boat Shows, J World Annapolis, and area sailing coaches to offer a high profile competition between sailing teams from area schools and to provide them with the excitement of keelboat team racing on J/80s. 

The traveling trophy has gone to three different sailing teams in the past three years. South River and Broadneck high schools won previously.  

J World Annapolis continues to be the major sponsor and organizer of the regatta, and Helly Hansen presented each racer with a gift bag filled with swag and a hi-tech fabric shirt. The award ceremony took place at the boat show entertainment stage on Susan Campbell Park.

And down on the Southern Bay, this just in from Southern Bay Racing News You Can Use:

CCV SPRING SERIES [Middle Distance Race].  Sunday could not have been a more pleasant racing day.  Thirty-two (32) racers navigated, negotiated, and trimmed their ways through the courses laid out in the harbor around fixed marks.  When all was said and done, here’s who picked up awards for the day:  PHRF A (13 boats): 1.Ian Hill, Sitella;  2.Sledd Shelhorse, Meridian X; 3.Leroi Lissenden, Voodoo 2.  PHRF B (9 boats): 1.Rusty Burshell, Cool Change;  2.Ben Weeks and Michele Cochran, Rumble;   3.Bob Archer, Bad Habit.  PHRF C (4 boats): 1.Ben Cuker, Callinectes;  2.Louie Lewis, Incentive III;  3.Alan Bomar, Roundabout.  PHRF Non-Spin (6 boats): 1.Jay Thompson, Restless;   2.Jake Brodersen, Midnight Mistress;  3.Copeland/Gade/Girardin, Black Widow.  Principal Race Officer-John McCarthy; Official Scorer-John Ritter; Signal Boat-Trish Williams assisted by Brian Deibler.     Next Sunday (May 7) will be the final day of CCV Spring Series.  There will be two windward-leeward races in the harbor.  The times and locations are the same as on both the Day 1 and Day 2 Bat Channel.   For info, please contact John McCarthy 7570850-4225 or [email protected]

FBYC SPRING SERIES [Day 2].  At Fishing Bay the racers got in 4 short, round-the-buoys races on a beautiful day.  After all was said and done, at the top of the standings for the day were: J70 (5 boats): 1.Lud Kimbrough, Nostalgia;  2. Matt Braun, E.L.E;  3.Holly Graf, Spice.  PHRF A (5 boats): 1.Craig Wright, Afterthought; 2.Glenn Doncaster, Nanuq;  3.David Clark, Corryvrecken.  PHRF B (2 boats): 1.Dennis Hannick, Goin’; 2.Jim Raper, Rhapsody.  PHRF C (4 boats): 1.Starke/Johnson/Peterson, Play It Again; 2.Paul Wash, Cheeky Monkey; 3.Brad Miller, Schiehallion.  PHRF Non-Spin (5 boats): 1.James Sturdy, Wendas; 2.James Snowa, Dixie Rose; 3.Steve Smith, Checko.     Principal Race Officer-Ric Bauer.    The series will resume in two weeks on May 13.


Dan Phelps took these great shots of the Bay Bridge Paddle on Saturday. Find the full gallery here. 

$1000 goes to April Zilg! (from the Bay Bridge Paddle FB page)$1,000 goes to Kelly Margetts! (from the Bay Bridge Paddle FB page)

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