Submit SpinSheet Racing Team Scores by December 12

Who will make the 2022 SpinSheet Racing Team?

The SpinSheet Racing Team, powered by Team One Newport, invites all racing sailors to enter our challenge and get credit for competing in a large number of regattas in a wide variety of formats, regardless of their finishes.

SpinSheet Racing Team
Sailors earn one point per series (not race) toward their total for the SpinSheet Racing Team.

This team was inspired by and made for Chesapeake sailors who give the season their all, cultivating​ the sport, inspiring others, and making their boats go fast, no matter the weather.

To qualify for this year's SpinSheet Racing Team, you must acquire 25 points by December 12, 2022 by meeting criteria from the list below. All regattas must take place on the waters of the Chesapeake Bay or its immediate tributaries. You do not have to be racing the same boat for every race or regatta.

Submit your SpinSheet Racing Team score by December 12

Our points system works as follows:

  • Series (fall, weeknight, frostbite) - 5 points per series, not race
  • Charity regatta/race - 5 points
  • Volunteer day - 4 points
  • Race committee day - 4 points
  • Multi-day regattas - 3 points each regatta
  • Distance or point-to-point race - 3 points
  • Attend a racing or rules seminar or class - 3 points
  • Single-day regatta - 2 points
  • Take a new sailor racing - 2 points
  • Donate $50 or more to a sailing charity - 1 point

Those racking up 25 points or more make the team. Members of our team will receive a long-sleeved high-tech shirt from Team One Newport. To qualify, log your points by December 12. Team members will be announced in our January issue and invited to a February celebration along with SpinSheet Century Club members for awards, beer, and cake.