Lots of ducks, geese, and scoters overwinter on the Chesapeake Bay. These birds can be found in abundance along the Eastern Shore and on many of the creeks of the Western Shore.
There are more ways we can help keep plastic out of our local waterways and oceans besides nixing plastic water bottles and instead opting for a reusable bottle. ~By Carrie...
Here is the video about Tangier Island, Virginia, referenced in Garth Woodruff's article "Solastalgia..." in the August SpinSheet.
Fred Kelly is so bullish on the improving status of the Severn that he believes within a decade it will be “fully restored.” by Angus Phillips
Ideas and inspiration for chartering a sailboat on the Chesapeake. 
Each marina has a personality, and finding the right one can be like going on dates to find a longtime companion. It’s important to know your type. By Cindy Wallach
The Maryland Dove visits Annapolis March 16-18.
The Maryland Dove will be on display at Annapolis City Dock March 16 - March 18.
The Chesapeake Bay Foundation (CBF) just released its 2016 State of the Bay report with news that the Bay is improving.
Wall walking--it happens. Don't judge. Photo by Dan Phelps
Are you a Permaboard? Or a Pier Princess? Hopefully you're not a Landlubber... they're the worst. By Cindy Wallach