Think you can be on the water 100 days this year? We do too! So join the SpinSheet Century Club and get rewarded for all that time on the water! We'll have a party with great prizes for all those who make it to the finish line by December 31.

Gerhard Straub is a volunteer at the Reedville Fisherman's Museum and is the current captain of the Claud W. Somers, a skipjack built in 1911 in Clam, VA.
From one of the world's true explorers:
Scott Gelo lives in Annapolis where he races his J/22 Ventus. But he doesn't just race one design on the boat...
Technically, the SUP'er and sailor reached 100 days back in September. He writes to us:
  From Lou: I just got my 101st day on the water in 2015 on Halloween.
I started the 2015 sailing season on March 22, 2015.  I completed the Spinsheet Century Club Challenge on November 1, 2015.
Navigating the Dream: Lessons and Confessions of a Pirate Centurion by Catherine Tobin
She's the brains behind, but she does more than just video sailboat racing. Check out the year on the water of one of the Chesapeake Bay's most interesting people.