Sailing programs for veterans on the Chesapeake Bay offer highly impactful on-water experiences for those who have served our country and their families and friends.
Steuart Chaney of Herrington Harbour Marinas was named a Chesapeake Bay Ambassador,  the highest honor the Governor of Maryland can bestow on an individual for their environmental...
Wind from a thunderstorm, called a downdraft, can easily exceed 70 knots and poses a significant hazard for boaters
Pedestals are straightforward to replace. In chain and wire systems a new pedestal from any brand can generally work with any downstream components. 
Tattooing, a widely practiced form of self-expression and creativity, would not exist without ...
Blending his talents as a chef, restauranteur, and cookbook author, John Shields wants to make sure we "think local" not only in how we eat, but also how we preserve the important...
SpinSheet will partner with Mark Thornton of LakeErieWX Marine Weather for a three-part webinar on Chesapeake Bay Thunderstorms.
As a volunteer with Sail Beyond Cancer, Vicki gives the memorable gift of sailing to those struggling with cancer and their loved ones.
Learning to interpret a weather surface map can help boaters identify regions where thunderstorms are likely to form.