As we slog through the hazy, hot, and humid dog days, it’s worth taking a few moments to consider a “cooling plan” for boat and crew.
As the dog days of summer are upon us, these tips will help you keep your decks, cabin, and crew cool, making your sailing experience more enjoyable for everyone.
With knowledge of some of the most common causes of of boating and sailing emergencies, you'll be better able to prepare for them and, hopefully, avoid them altogether.
Offshore sailing gives you plenty of time for thought about safety decisions, and the lessons apply on coastal waters, too. ~By John Herlig
You never want to go into cold water. But what exactly would happen if you did? A video issued by the National Water Safety Congress shows how the body responds.
A system for remembering which boat has the "right of way" in potential collision situations when boating and sailing. ~by Randy Williamson
Thinking through sailing emergencies long before they happen whether you're sailing shorthanded or with crew.
What do you do when dismasted at sea, 300 miles from shore? Here's part 2 with video.
Richard inspects what's left of Molto Bene's mast.
What do you do when you experience a dismasting at sea, 300 miles from land?