Experiencing a slip mate's boat fire and lessons learned.
Here are some safety tips when watching fireworks on boats.
Name your sailing challenge, and there’s a sailing course or custom program on the Chesapeake Bay for it. 
... will break. And other sailing principles to live by. The third part in our sailing safety series by Capt. Art Pine
https://www.spinsheet.com/category/SafetyOn Saturday, April 1 and Sunday, April 2, the Marine Trades Association of Maryland...
BoatUS Foundation's Crazy Eddie gives away free stuff! 
When it comes to fears about bowriding legislation in Maryland, know that an amendment has been drafted.
Make sure club members know how to use a VHF radio.
Here are six important tips for sailing organizations on optimizing an Emergency Action Plan. By Gowrie Group and the...
Photo by Ted Morgan
In the second part of our Safety Series, Capt. Art Pine speaks to BoatU.S. president Chris Edmonston