When the path of a sailboat and powerboat will intersect, which boat must adjust course? Here are several trusted resources for the answer to this question.
Nine Ways to Avoid Collision with Big Ships
If you get into trouble when you’re out on the water and you need help fast, what’s the quickest way to reach a first-responder? Calling the U.S. Coast Guard, of course. Before you...
This year, we asked an experienced boaters who's good at maintaining recreational vessels for advice on how to approach the annual spring commissioning rite.
The 2018 the Annapolis Safety at Sea Seminar, to be held on March 24 and 25 will focus on offshore as well as inshore safety issues and have poignant programs for cruisers and racing...
Handle boating emergencies in advance by training your crew in some of the basics
Options for disposal of flares have included donation to a local law enforcement agency for training, legally ignite them, and disposal at a commercial hazardous...
Here’s a fresh approach to boating safety: think of your boat as an accident-in-waiting and follow these 10 suggestions. ~by Capt. Art Pine
Sailors and boaters who are buying or selling a DSC-VHF radio-equipped vessel need to follow some guidelines.