A two-hour tour with the Chesapeake Bay Foundation's educators brought important environmental facts from my head to my heart.
My experience with Sultana Education Foundation was an opportunity to give back in hopes of cultivating future stewards of the Chesapeake.
Did you ever wonder how fish species are impacted by warming Chesapeake Bay water temperatures due to the climate crisis?
A conversation with Maryland State Senator Sarah Elfreth about three environmental bills she sponsored during the 2023 legislative session.
Blue catfish populations in the Chesapeake Bay grow uncontrolled because they have few predators, eat almost anything, and have high reproduction rates.
For nine years, Baltimore's tributaries have been cleaned by a suite of four river-cleaning machines, known as the Trash Wheel Family. ~By Pamela Tenner Kellett
IMET  is a research institute composed of 22 faculty-run laboratories, each focusing on a different topic including harmful algal blooms, water quality, sustainable aquaculture,...
For Matt Rutherford, sailing is a calling. It has challenged him to compete against himself and has given him a new life, while inspiring sailors and others around the globe....
We were all gathered for the same purpose: the collective hope that we’d bare witness to bald eagles soaring high over the water and swooping down from the air to dive for fish.