Arundel Rivers Federation has hired Anne Arundel County native, Elle Bassett, as the new South, West, and Rhode Riverkeeper.
Of the many climate change impacts that will affect the Chesapeake Bay, sea level rise may be one of the most profound.
Chesapeake Bay sailors may have already noticed hotter days or less predictable storms. Other impacts of climate change might be less obvious.
Few things are more important to sailors than the weather. It affects our day-to-day decisions as well as our long-term planning in profound ways.
A review of the seven “R’s” can help sailors make their own progress towards living a sustainable and more plastic free life. ~By Pamela Tenner Kellett
Whether at the dock, underway, or working in the boatyard, how we use and discard plastic products can help the reduction of marine plastic pollution. 
Waterkeepers and other river guardians go to work to protect the health of the Chesapeake Bay everyday. ~By Cindy Wallach
When a wildlife camera is standing sentry, poised to take photos and videos day and night, you may learn what is eating your prized lettuce, pattering around your dock, or tunneling...
The Severn River Association works to educate residents, collect water quality data, reduce stormwater pollution, and restore the river to more fishable and swimmable condition.