Exploring Florida's western coast by cruising sailboat. By Craig Ligibell.
The Neighborhood that Launched 1000 Ships finally gets its own movie.
Brian Lockwood gets excellent shots of humpback whales and seals along the beaches in Virginia.
The Chesapeake Bay Foundation (CBF) just released its 2016 State of the Bay report with news that the Bay is improving.
When shipwright Rafe Weber was a boy, he would sit along the banks of a creek, see a couple of logs floating by, and wonder what kind of cool boats he could build.
Boats are building up on the hard, consuming valuable waterfront real estate. What can be done?
Capsicum frutescens, chili pepper. Did you ever think of using it on your hull to keep critters from hanging on? Photo by Eric Hunt
More environmentally sound solutions are now available, and cayenne pepper is one of them.
A few thousand years ago, while hunting and gathering their way through the Middle East, wandering tribes figured something out.