Sailing programs for veterans on the Chesapeake Bay offer highly impactful on-water experiences for those who have served our country and their families and friends.
Whether at the dock, underway, or working in the boatyard, how we use and discard plastic products can help the reduction of marine plastic pollution. 
Nothing says holiday fun for sailors quite like lighted boat parades and Chesapeake Bay-style winter festivals.
What is Blue Friday?
Cruising sailors share some of the most well-loved anchorages on the Chesapeake Bay.
By mid-summer of 1995, to young sailors on the Chesapeake Bay it seemed that anything was possible.
For sailing cruisers there are more quiet anchorages and coves to explore on the Chesapeake Eastern Shore than one could visit in a lifetime.
Unplugged, isolated, and small may seem like a bad way to start a family outing, but Tangier Island...
Sailing to Tangier Island and gaining local knowledge, experiencing its watery streets, and doing things "the old way." ~by Cindy Wallach