The Gucci boat was low, graceful, sturdy, shapely, sparkling with fresh paint and brightwork. The perfect boat for us, but to everything there is a season.
Twenty-three-year-old sailor Jon Clarke was born to take the helm of his family’s 123-year-old log canoe, Magic.
When Labor Day arrives, we Chesapeake sailors are just getting started. Some of the best conditions of the year unfold from now through Halloween.
The Mattie F. Dean could be resting at the bottom of Annapolis’s Back Creek. The promise of such a treasure beckoned the Back Creek Conservancy. ~by Chelsea Co
Corbin Penwell piloted the Chesapeake Bay log canoe Island Blossom to an unprecedented sixth-in-a-row win in the Log Canoe Governor’s Cup...
Here is the video about Tangier Island, Virginia, referenced in Garth Woodruff's article "Solastalgia..." in the August SpinSheet.
Experiencing a slip mate's boat fire and lessons learned.
When he bought his new boat, Bramble was told that he was purchasing an adventure-making machine, and that proved to be correct.
July 30 the Governor’s Cup will celebrate 90 years of racing log sailing canoes in the Miles River outside St. Michaels, MD.