It had been quite a long time since sailing a Sunfish, let alone racing one. A passerby remarked, "Don't worry. It's just like riding a bike." ~by Gary Jobson
I have crossed the Chesapeake Bay Bridge on many occasions, but sailing under the Bridge is an entirely different experience. by Martina Sestakova
Photos from the East of Maui and Eastport Yacht Club SUP Race off Annapolis Saturday, July 8.
Due to rough conditions  in the Atlantic Ocean, the Hudson River sloop Clearwater won't make it to the Bay, but a Capitol Hill briefing was held as planned.
What better time to connect to the Chesapeake’s revolutionary past than sailing to these harbors on Independence Day?
Taking those skills you've learned as a sailboat racer and applying them to cruising. ~by Beth Crabtree
The University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science invites everyone who spends time on or near the Chesapeake Bay to report dolphin sightings with a new online tracking system...
The game downwind is all about constant pressure. ~by David Flynn
Here are some safety tips when watching fireworks on boats.