If you’re the kind of DIY sailor who prefers to do your sailboat work yourself, find ideas and sailing resources on this how to page.

When the sea gets rough, it's often best to sleep in the center of your boat in the main cabin, or saloon. That's where a lee cloth comes in handy.
A well-made dodger (also called a sprayhood) is a necessary staple aboard any boat.
Quantum Sail Design Group's David Flynn takes a look at the Zen of becoming the ultimate crew to answer the eternal question: How do I become a better crew so I can get on good boats?
SpinSheet Magazine is the go-to resource for sailing on the Chesapeake Bay. We've decided to write down answers to the most frequently asked questions.
Adding a connector or extension panel between your dodger and bimini is a great way to give your crew some protection from the elements while on the water.
If you sew your own cushions or want to learn how, you have the opportunity to save money and choose the most wear-resistant and highest-quality materials for your project. With a...
Consider the following winterization tips as old man winter approaches the...
How to choose the right features on a sailboat that meet your most important needs. Here are six of these critical contradicting features to consider.
If you find that you and your passengers need protection from the sun, rain and spray while out on the water, a bimini is a practical addition to your boat. If you make your own...