Think you can be on the water 100 days this year? We do too! So join the SpinSheet Century Club and get rewarded for all that time on the water! We'll have a party with great prizes for all those who make it to the finish line by December 31.

Carolyn Wilson began sailing only a year and a half ago, yet logged 162 days in 2018, becoming a SpinSheet Century Club member!
Tony Moynagh, new SpinSheet Century Club member, reached well beyond his goal of 100 days--hitting 139 of them!!
Ken Vinson, a three-time SpinSheet Century Club member, who reached his 100-day goal in October, shares a few Century Club "euphemisms."
JR Futcher, first-time SpinSheet Century Club member, on making the time to get on the water even when life is busy and time is short.
George Pappas, a first-time SpinSheet Century Club member in 2017 shared some of what he got out of his 122 days spent messing about in boats
SpinSheet Century Club members Charlie and Cathy Simon have completed their North American Continent Circumnavigation.
Congratulations to Annapolis newcomer and SpinSheet Century Club member Josh Mills on reaching his 100 days on the water!
Life is extraordinary! That is when you get out on the water 100 times per year, says Sandy Grosvenor
As of January 9, 45 sailors in various boats had reached their 100 days on the water in 2017, and we expected more sailing logs to be delivered to our email box by January 15...