Think you can be on the water 100 days this year? We do too. So join the SpinSheet Century Club and get rewarded for all that time on the water! We'll have a party with great prizes for all those who make it to the finish line by December 31.

  1. Track your days. This is a group of honest folks, but we recommend keeping track using a loose leaf notebook or online calendar.
  2.  It's not just about sailing. Go windsurfing, paddleboarding, kayaking, powerboating, anything that involves watercraft. Count days on other peoples' boats. Swimming, however, does not count.
  3. It's Not Just About the Bay. Test other waters. It's summer vacation, after all.
  4. 10 days working the on boat count as days on the water. Boat on the hard? She still needs some love and attention. Go visit her. And see #2.
  5. Just get the boat off the dock. We're realists here, we know some days the main doesn't even go up due to lack of wind or other unforeseen issues. Still count the day.

Count your days through December 31. To officially join the club, email Molly Winans. On social media, tag your photos with #spinsheet100.  Need inspiration? Just see below: these folks know what it takes.

Peter Trogdon knows that the key to getting out on the water over 100 times in a year is to get the whole family involved.
Gerhard Straub is a volunteer at the Reedville Fisherman's Museum and is the current captain of the Claud W. Somers, a skipjack built in 1911 in Clam, VA.
From one of the world's true explorers:
Scott Gelo lives in Annapolis where he races his J/22 Ventus. But he doesn't just race one design on the boat...