Longtime friends continue their decades-old "boys sails" tradition with an early 2023 sailing charter in the BVI.
A long rodeo ride of a bluewater sailng passage reminds even the most experienced cruising sailors how wonderful the destination can be. ~by Cindy Wallach
For sailors who find the winter months a bit dull, the Caribbean offers a wide range of great regattas, and one of my favorites is Grenada Sailing Week.
Sailing to the island of St. Croix, bathed in luscious shades of Caribbean turquoise and yellow, we were pleasantly surprised by its relaxed grace, water-oriented lifestyle, and...
In the Eastern Caribbean, there lies a chain of postcard-perfect islands called the Grenadines. The islands’ pristine beaches, crystalline lagoons, and proximity to one another...
Life on a tropical island, sailing for a living... the ups and downs of living and working in paradise. By Cindy Wallach.
"We arrived as Carnival, the annual celebration involving lots of drinking and more than its share of crime, was just getting underway." By Scott Neuman.
Sailors already have a justly deserved reputation for carousing. But a trip to the BVI seems to magnify that sort of behavior. --by Eva Hill