If you’re the kind of DIY sailor who prefers to do your sailboat work yourself, find ideas and sailing resources on this how to page.

A sunflower raft made of sailboats takes careful planning and execution. But, wow, the results are spectacular and lots of fun for Chesapeake Bay cruisers.
Hammocks have a few drawbacks for onboard fruit and vegetable storage, including motion and pressure (enemies of ripe fruit). Here is a DIY alternative.
Daphne needed a clean-out port , so she could check and clean her fuel tank's interior.
Here is a helpful checklist to guide your sailboat spring commissioning.
Carolyn’s project shows that there are ways to treat and protect your teak that won’t have you selling your soul to the process of refinishing interior teak.
Rust-colored weeping indicated a problem, so this sailboat owner disassembled and rebedded the entire wind vane assembly.
Howt to strip and refinish your sailboat's deck. ~By John Herlig
A steering system with too much power can leave the helmsperson with little tactile feel for the rudder load and requires a bigger turn to give the desired steering input.
Try this adaptable vessel control panel spreadsheet to make communication easier and guide anyone using your navigation station under numerous situations.