If you’re the kind of DIY sailor who prefers to do your sailboat work yourself, find ideas and sailing resources on this how to page.

Stitch by stitch, we’ll teach you the basics of sewing
You may not always think about your sailboats steering system since it isn't in your line of sight above deck, like your sails and rigging.
Do you inspect your sails for the next sailing season? If not, you definitely should be. It's important to catch any small holes and fix them before they become a bigger problem down...
A clear vinyl windshield or any piece of clear vinyl, like those on marine enclosures, should last for years if properly cared for.
How to inspect and maintain the steering system of your sailboat by the pros at Edson.
Lifeline netting is an important part of your boat safety protocol. It keeps children, pets, headsails and crew members on board your sailboat.
When the sea gets rough, it's often best to sleep in the center of your boat in the main cabin, or saloon. That's where a lee cloth comes in handy.
A well-made dodger (also called a sprayhood) is a necessary staple aboard any boat.
Quantum Sail Design Group's David Flynn takes a look at the Zen of becoming the ultimate crew to answer the eternal question: How do I become a better crew so I can get on good boats?