Twenty members of the Philadelphia Sailing Club went to Rockland, ME, to charter four boats.
What happens when you don’t know many of your fellow racers at a sailing regatta? Keeping your eyes open and planning ahead can help.
It was a windy midnight passage across a sea of wild horses, under a full moon, sailing an antique classic schooner through the night on my first visit to Bermuda. 
Dominica is lush, clean, and jaw-droppingly beautiful at every turn. Long, lanky waterfalls cascade off towering, emerald mountains all over the island.
A cold water boating safety quiz, answers, and explanations for safer sailing, paddling, and powerboating when the water and air temperature cool.
A two-hour tour with the Chesapeake Bay Foundation's educators brought important environmental facts from my head to my heart.
On Anegada, the charter traffic may be high at the top bars, but you may be the only one at the pristine beaches in between. 
Vulnerable birds and butterflies use Fisherman Island at the mouth of the Chesapeake Bay as their migration station along the Atlantic Flyway.   
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