Your offshore prep for Bermuda races won't be for naught, as there’s a rally-race happening—The Spirit of Bermuda Rally starting July 6.
Sailboat racing is finally beginning to unfold, with physical distancing, on the Chesapeake Bay.
Join Team SpinSheet in the Walk the Watershed challenge and walk, paddle, or cycle to raise funds for the Chesapeake Bay Foundation.
The US Sailboat Show in Annapolis will run Columbus Day weekend with limited attendees each day.
There are worse places to get stranded than on a charter sailboat in St. Martin.
Racing sailors are eager to try the GFS Challenge, a safe racing option you can try anytime and still stay safe during the pandemic.
As of May 15, here are the latest sailing regulations according to the Maryland DNR: no more than 10 per boat, some racing allowed.
Some tips on properly monitoring and transmitting on Channel 16 on your marine radio while sailing.
The winning bidder will be the first SailGP fan ever to ride on the world’s fastest sailing race boat during a grand prix event in 2021.


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