The waterfront director of the Norfolk Yacht and Country Club was bitten by the sailing bug early and has made a living at it.
Few places offer the cruising sailor the diversity of on-water experiences combined with hundreds of picturesque villages as does the...
Looking at the latest innovations in electronics... I pay attention to those designed to help keep me out of the water, or if I do fall in, get me out of the drink sooner.
I am a mainsail trimmer and my skipper and I are always arguing about de-powering. Which should I be using, the traveler or the mainsheet?
It's time for you to vote for the winner of our 2020 SpinSheet Summer Cover Contest presented by CYOA Charters
For sailing cruisers there are more quiet anchorages and coves to explore on the Chesapeake Eastern Shore than one could visit in a lifetime.
Now that summer is upon us here’s a great list for eating well onboard: 101 dishes to try on your sailboat this summer.
When Eunice Lin found an old copy of our Start Sailing Now guide she started sailing again...
Dr. Bailey’s team launched the Chesapeake Dolphin Watch app in June 2017 to collect data on how many dolphins are in the Bay and where they can be found.


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