Provisioning means acquiring food (and sundries), and it’s an expression generally used by charterers, whether sailing or powerboating.
I would encourage anyone considering learning to sail to get out and do it. Take a basic keelboat course, offer to crew on friends’ boats, or join a local sailing club.
Better breeze, less boat traffic, and sandy beaches are only a few reasons to sail south of Solomons on the Chesapeake Bay. ~by Tom Hale
Four ideas to get sailboat racers to sign up for your regatta: try something new, get someone new to run your race, try something wacky, and work your butt off
Southern Chesapeake Bay big boat racers signed up to go “race like dinghies” in a championship regatta: short races and back-to-back-to-back-starts and finishes through the six...
Borrowing from a San Francisco favorite sailboat race, CCV Racing started an exciting new race called the Triple Tunnel Terror.
The AYC Two Bridge Fiasco, a single and doublehanded race that runs around marks at two bridges, in any direction you choose, was a big hit for sailboat racers... again! 
 I told my husband that I needed my own boat for sailing on my own time, then I bought a Beneteau 331. I decided to take vacation time from work and get more experience...
Taking sailing lessons seemed like a great way to spend time on the water again, but I still had visions of waterskiing off the stern of a power boat. I did not anticipate how much I...


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