The Abacos offer cruising sailors 120 miles of crystal waters and isolated beaches to explore. ~By John Herlig
The art of gybing the asymmetrical spinnaker has gone through considerable refinement as more and more boats have adopted them. Here are a couple of tricks to add to your arsenal which...
A fun "osprey by the numbers" to celebrate the return of our favorite raptors to the Chesapeake. ~By Steven Toole
The Corinthians Chesapeake Bay Fleet held a rendezvous with its UK sister club in the British Virgin Islands.
"After sailing with friends, I decided that I wanted to learn to handle and captain a boat, so that I could have the freedom of sailing on my own."
Learn about sailing programs for youth with learning differences at Brendan Sailing's Open House March 31.
Learn about Sailboat Racing Race Committee Work at FBYC
While racing, getting everyone in sync can be tricky and demands a good dialogue between the sailing team and an awareness of how their job effects the others.
Historic London Town along the South River is an interesting destination for sailors who enjoy learning about history along the Chesapeake Bay.


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