Monster waves and gale conditions marked the 2022 Sydney Hobart Race in which the American boat placed fourth. ~By Craig Ligibel
He is not clairvoyant and never claimed to be, but that night he had a very bad dream about a sailing vessel disaster at sea.
Even if you'd prefer to bring your entire library on your cruising adventure, when space aboard is tight, you might have to keep only the essentials. One sailor tells what's in their...
How to develop a sailboat racing game plan and under which sailing conditions to toss it out. ~By Kim Couranz
Unlike the Summer Sailstice, only the hardiest of sailors will be sailing to mark the Winter Solstice.
To ensure that you can enjoy all of the sailing that the New Year will have to offer, put in some time improving your fitness now!
With winter sailing, no matter what type of day on the water you may have, be it wild or wistful, at the end of it the boat always feels just a little more like home.
After an accident that resulted in the amputation of one arm and one leg, Dustin Reynolds takes the term "singlehanded circumnavigation" to the next level.
The offshore sailing adventure company, 59° North Sailing, will now reserve two bunks for women on its...


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