A new CBF assessment of the progress by the three primary Chesapeake Bay states found a need for significant acceleration the Blueprint 
A typical week onboard for a liveaboard sailor deep into the winter on the Chesapeake Bay. ~By TJ Butler
While San Francisco Bay is the largest estuary on the West Coast, several facts size up our Chesapeake as being far superior compared to its California counterpart.
"Hire well and fire well" and other ways to find, train, and keep your sailboat racing crew. ~by Keith Mayes
Between the mid-1970s until the early 2000s, Cabo Rico was known as one of several quality builders marketing moderate- to heavy-displacement, semi-custom...
The Andrews 38, a true racer-cruiser sailboat with the emphasis on “racer,” was designed to be raced but also comfortably handled by an experienced cruising couple.
Whether at the dock, underway, or working in the boatyard, how we use and discard plastic products can help the reduction of marine plastic pollution. 
Looking for a boat to sail on? Need some crew? SpinSheet’s Crew Parties in Hampton, Virginia s well as Solomons and Annapolis, Maryland are for anyone who’d like to connect with...
Everyone has something to gain from sailing as long as they’re willing to put forth the effort to be a beneficial member of the crew. I’d also encourage them to attend some formal...


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