Clear communication and adaptability are strengths for the sailing crew of Bruce Irvin's J/30 Shamrock.
The exotic array of tropical marine wildlife and stunning coral reefs of the Caribbean form a delicate ecosystem that is as fragile as it is beautiful.
Were I offered a chance to charter in a place I had been to before, hands-down I would pick Guadeloupe. More specifically, I’d choose to spend my days exploring Les Saintes and Marie-...
Annaliese Tuttle operates the Travelift at Cedar Point Marina, lives aboard her Islander 30, and shown herself to be a force to be reckoned with.
It is not always easy to have the right sail up at the right time. Invariably the breeze ends up dropping or building unexpectedly, and we all know how painful a sail change can be.
It was a night of frustratingly slow maneuvering with currents both fair and foul playing with the schooners like a cat might play with a catnip toy. The real challenge was just...
We anticipate 100-plus readers to reach their 100-days-on-the-water goals by December 31 and join the SpinSheet Century Club Class of 2023.
My experience with Sultana Education Foundation was an opportunity to give back in hopes of cultivating future stewards of the Chesapeake.
In Annapolis, “X” Marks the Spot for Visiting Sailors (and Pirates)


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