Several sailboat racing events in Annapolis and on the East Coast have brought the ORC rating rule to the forefront of racers' minds.
When we joined our sailing club, we didn’t anticipate how much it would enhance our experiences as boat owners and cruisers.
One day I would like to make it my mission to expand the demographics of the people involved in sailing. I’d love to help people discover it and help them understand that it isn’t an...
Chesapeake Bay marine surveyor Tarn Kelsey explains what he enjoys and has learned about used models of the Alerion 28 Express.
In honor of Valentines Day, February 14, 2020, we asked several successful sailing couples to share their stories and advice to couples just starting their sailing journey together.
Congratulations to Katie Freeman as the 2019 SpinSheet Volunteer of the Year! “As a...
Safety Series 2020 Part II: Crew Training
Adding a connector or extension panel between your dodger and bimini is a great way to give your crew some protection from the elements while on the water.
Sailing to Tangier Island and gaining local knowledge, experiencing its watery streets, and doing things "the old way." ~by Cindy Wallach


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