Cruising sailors who enjoy tying up, stretching their legs, and exploring small towns will want to check out Deltaville, Irvington, and Urbanna on the Rappahannock.
Here are SpinSheet readers most frequently asked questions about sailing and boating during Maryland's stay-at-home order and DNR responses.
You never want to go into cold water. But what exactly would happen if you did? A video issued by the National Water Safety Congress shows how the body responds.
Whether you’re planning an offshore trip or just dreaming, here are several factors to weigh when considering an ocean-going sailboat.
To cruising sailors, Annapolis is about much more than colonial architecture and ice cream. Here’s what’s cool about...
If you want to learn how to sail, the Chesapeake Bay offers a myriad of options for you from Sailing 101 to How To Race.
Virtual events to keep sailors’ heads in the game as we ride out this odd moment in our history and keep healthy
When the sea gets rough, it's often best to sleep in the center of your boat in the main cabin, or saloon. That's where a lee cloth comes in handy.
We’re survivors, right?


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