Without any previous experience, this sailor learned how to maintain, restore, and fix boats through the MTAM On-the-Job Training Program. ~By Chelsea Co
SailGP’s Team Fails To Win Final Race But Sees Improvement
When a wildlife camera is standing sentry, poised to take photos and videos day and night, you may learn what is eating your prized lettuce, pattering around your dock, or tunneling...
CCV Racing introduces a new, fun sailboat race July 24 that will be similar to San Francisco's Three Bridge Fiasco and AYC's Two Bridge Fiasco.
The Olivia Constants Team Race Invitational will be held on Saturday July 24 and Sunday July 25 at the Severn Sailing Association (SSA) in Eastport
The Dyer Dhow, affectionately called the "nine-footer," had 6000 plus boats built since the original 1939 plywood model. ~By Tom Darling
Pillows are great learning-to-sew projects! 
Three weekend sailing itineraries for crusing sailors on the middle Chesapeake Bay. ~By Steven Toole 
Cruising sailors share some of the most well-loved anchorages on the Chesapeake Bay.


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