The first time I stepped barefoot onto the deck of the boat, the most amazing feeling came over me. It was like I was meant to be there. From that point on, my life was changed! 
With knowledge of some of the most common causes of of boating and sailing emergencies, you'll be better able to prepare for them and, hopefully, avoid them altogether.
The BVI is great for a number of reasons: the distances are short, the winds are usually manageable, there are tons of moorings, navigation is line-of-site, there’s lots of...
The USVI reefs have long been protected and are far more vibrant than most we’ve seen in our tropical travels. While the BVI have historical cache, don’t forget our USVI as they are as...
Are new and experienced sailors planning their charter vacations these days, and if so, what charter options will you consider?
Sailing couples reveal the range of emotions in this Q & A. It's mushy and sweet, but tinged with a bit of tension and cheekiness. Sail on lovers!
SpinSheet team member Eric Richardson, his crew, wife, friends, and sailmaker Chuck O’Malley of Chesapeake Sailmakers gathered to...
Offshore sailing gives you plenty of time for thought about safety decisions, and the lessons apply on coastal waters, too. ~By John Herlig
The Bali concept was to provide catamarans that were more cruising oriented while remaining competitively priced... ~By Capt Tarn Kelsey


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