Quantum's David Flynn gives us tips on how to focus, use all of your senses, and work with the team to succeed driving a race boat.
By mid-summer of 1995, to young sailors on the Chesapeake Bay it seemed that anything was possible.
American Magic's Terry Hutchinson and crew have plenty of work to do getting the new Patriot into the water and up to speed.
Jayne Durden just bought a bigger sailboat, is learning to do her own maintenance, and is generously helping other women to grow their sailing skills too. 
Adaptive Boating  Center To Come to Back Creek Annapolis
The three major Annapolis charity sailing races that comprise the qualifiers for the Triple Crown of Charity Sailing Award will...
In lieu of the Race to Oxford, NASS will host the Race to the Lighthouses September 12.
Universal traits of great tacticians on racing sailboats. ~By David Flynn, Quantum Sails
Many Chesapeake sailors have bought boats during the pandemic, creating a boat-buying boom!


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