Communications can make or break a sailing team’s success. Follow these tips and themes that lead to good group communications. 
The Chespaeake Bay Maritime Museum hosted its annual Charity Boat Auction for sailors, powerboaters, and curious water lovers Aug 27. 
Sailing has definitely enriched my life, and I cannot imagine living well without it. 
Thoughts on how to survive when you get caught out in a squall but want to keep on sailboat racing. ~By Dave Flynn of Quantum Sails
At the Smithsonian Environmental Research Center on the Rhode River, scientists quietly investigate and report on the delicate interaction between the land and the water in...
Dates, times, tickets, and a sneak peek at the cool new products and boats coming for the US Sailboat Show October 13-17.
Sailing camp success! Brendan Sailing had its biggest summer camp yet, hosted a professional symposium, and will offer fall programming.
Talk about equitable access to a normal and healthy bodily function while sailboat racing. ~By Jordan Stock
Chesapeake Bay sailors may have already noticed hotter days or less predictable storms. Other impacts of climate change might be less obvious.


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