Marine Trades Association of Maryland is launching a NEW Shrinkwrap Recycling program modeled after a very successful program run in Rhode Island.
The situation of dogs feeding upon and becoming ill from dark false mussels, which are native to the Chesapeake, has been reported on by the Baltimore Sun, Maryland DNR, and Maryland...
Congratulations to Jim Lant, SpinSheet Century Club member who logged 184 days on the water in 2018.
The tall ship Providence of “Pirates of the Caribbean” film fame arrives this summer as a permanent attraction that will offer public tours, chartered cruises, educational programs,...
Keep your furled genoa sail protected from the elements with a high-quality DIY genoa sleeve. We’ve created a Genoa Sleeve Kit that contains all the supplies you need to sew a well-...
David Flynn of Quantum Sail Design discusses tack-to-tack speed differences and how you can overcome them and adjust accordingly.
Looking for a boat to sail on? Need some crew?
Has your child outgrown the younger kids' programs? There are sailing programs geared specifically for teens.


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