Six aspects of winterization that sailboat owners might consider as we enter the end of fall sailing season and embrace the arrival of winter.
If you’re looking for spooky Chesapeake destinations, two ghost fleets come to mind: Mallows Bay and the Kiptopeke Breakwater.
October can be the perfect time to work outside with boats and water and not end up with cold fingers as you cozy up your dinghy for the winter.
Here are four fun and seasonal sailing events that will unfold this weekend for sailors of all stripes and those who want to learn more about sailing.
The Nantucket Alerion is not to be confused with the modern fiberglass “stretched” Alerion 28, sometimes called the Alerion Express when rigged with the revolutionary self-trimming jib...
From an unusual anchor delay to the fastest transit of Delaware Bay I have made to date, to a powerful storm system arriving just minutes after setting the anchor, this was an exciting...
Colleen Moore, American Boat and Yacht Council (ABYC) master technician and a lead technician at Diversified Marine Services (DMS), shares why she enjoys troubleshooting unsolvable...
Each fall racing sailors on the Chesapeake gear up for some of the best on-water competition of the year in a series of championship regattas.
Of the many climate change impacts that will affect the Chesapeake Bay, sea level rise may be one of the most profound.


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