Reviewing your boat’s safety equipment and practices to find items need restocking and/or to add additional safety items
Adventurous by nature, Joanna Cooper says, "I like to learn by doing, so I learned to sail by going out with people who were willing to sail with a beginner.
This year marks the 60th anniversary of the Chesapeake Bay Alberg 30 One-Design Association.
Nini Champion and Lisa Roland of Team Ocean Grown rowed across the Atlantic and beat the world record in the World's Toughest Row.
Must-Ask Q’s About Your Next Sailing Charter Vacation
Even if she’s traveled the world, when photographer Susan Hale comes home to Kent Island, MD, she finds the sunrises and sunsets on the Chesapeake Bay more beautiful than those...
In colder months, a different breed of visitor flocks to the Chesapeake Bay. Migratory birds use the Bay as a pit stop, and some make its waters their winter home. 
The one island is home to two different countries, Sint Maarten which is Dutch, and Saint Martin, which is French. The shorthand for both places is SXM.
As technology advances, safety devices become smaller, more affordable, and more widely used. Technology once reserved for commercial traffic or ocean-crossing vessels is making...


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