The overall fit and finish and overall build quality of the European-built Hanse 413 appears above average.
The hard copy June SpinSheet has finally, today, arrived and will begin to be distributed today into the weekend.
Scott "Gus" Ward shares how his military background has helped him in preparing and executing his successful offshore racing campaign. 
Up Your Game on the Pointy End
Had I not taken that first step into sailing, I never would have had the amazing experiences I’ve had and would have lost out on the best friendships I’ve ever known. 
American Magic skipper and executive director Terry Hutchinson juggles schedules, international protocols to get ready for next year’s...
Playing matchmaker with sailboats and boaters seems like a dream gig, but there’s a lot of work behind being a broker.
Your offshore prep for Bermuda races won't be for naught, as there’s a rally-race happening—The Spirit of Bermuda Rally starting July 6.
Sailboat racing is finally beginning to unfold, with physical distancing, on the Chesapeake Bay.


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