To get maximum performance out of yourself and your dinghy sailboat, develop a fitness routine that best supports the kind of action your one-design boat demands.
The 2023 Safety-at-Sea Seminars at the US Naval Academy, April 1-2, is a requirement for racing sailors, yet the course offerings include beneficial safety lessons for any mariner...
Longtime friends continue their decades-old "boys sails" tradition with an early 2023 sailing charter in the BVI.
For our safety series, a career firefighter answers questions and gives tips for sailors. ~by Beth Crabtree
The passage itself couldn’t begin without a beginning. Getting down and out of the Bay was a beginning of sorts. You can’t start a road trip unless you back the car out of the garage
SpinSheet will partner with Mark Thornton of LakeErieWX Marine Weather for a three-part webinar on Chesapeake Bay Thunderstorms.
With full tanks and a stocked pantry from mainland Puerto Rico, Culebra was like a little vacation stop where we could just wander and relax.
Documentary film about champion sailor Buddy Melges called "The Wizard of Zenda" will premier at the Annapolis Film Festival at the end of March.
My experiences at several community sailing centers and coaching high school sailing have impressed upon me that interest in sailing is high, but many people simply don’t know how or...


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