Pedestals are straightforward to replace. In chain and wire systems a new pedestal from any brand can generally work with any downstream components. 
Tattooing, a widely practiced form of self-expression and creativity, would not exist without ...
In the wake of Hurricane Dorian in 2019, the Abacos, Bahamas, are still in recovery mode yet sill have a lot to offer charter sailors. ~By Eva Hill
Blending his talents as a chef, restauranteur, and cookbook author, John Shields wants to make sure we "think local" not only in how we eat, but also how we preserve the important...
We all want to win sailing races, but we want to have fun doing it. Here's how one Chesapeake Bay sailing team gets the job done and has fun too.
Three part sailing safety series introducing some on-water first responders, starting with natural resources police and what they do for sailors and other boaters. ~by Beth Crabtree
As a volunteer with Sail Beyond Cancer, Vicki gives the memorable gift of sailing to those struggling with cancer and their loved ones.
Learning to interpret a weather surface map can help boaters identify regions where thunderstorms are likely to form. 
On the morning he cast off, the author ratcheted up the windlass and scrubbed sections of anchor chain to dislodge the muck. These acts were the portal to the cruising rhythm.


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