Sailing programs for veterans on the Chesapeake Bay offer highly impactful on-water experiences for those who have served our country and their families and friends.
In a new boat, you’re doing the same things, just in a different setting. It’s a fun challenge to work those elements out in a new boat and with new people. 
Recounting fond memories of a relaxing week-long sailing and diving vacation in St. Lucia aboard a restored Oyster 825 sailing vessel.
The sailing lifestyle looked amazing, with destinations all over the world. The boat projects looked interesting and doable. Next he reached out to a couple sailing clubs and...
The Chesapeake Bay’s shores and rivers are peppered with a bevy of great dockside bars and restaurants that lie off the beaten path. ~By Steven Toole
An orca encounther while sailing on the open Atlantic, off Portugal, in a 28-foot Albin Vega, headed for Lisbon. ~ by Duncan Spencer
Sign up for the EWE Spirit Cup, a fun pursuit race for all types and sizes of sailboat, hosted by the Sailing Club of the Chesapeake (SCC) May 21.
Sailor and portrait photographer Kristin Rutkowski shares how through sailing and photography she's gained great insight, met many women in sailing, made...
With the U.S. Naval Academy’s Commissioning Week coming up May 20 – 27, there’s one thing locals on the...


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