Sailing programs for veterans on the Chesapeake Bay offer highly impactful on-water experiences for those who have served our country and their families and friends.
The boat speed puzzle beyond the numbers: stay open-minded and ready to adapt to unusual conditions.
To get maximum performance out of yourself and your dinghy sailboat, develop a fitness routine that best supports the kind of action your one-design boat demands.
The 2023 Safety-at-Sea Seminars at the US Naval Academy, April 1-2, is a requirement for racing sailors, yet the course offerings include beneficial safety lessons for any mariner...
Longtime friends continue their decades-old "boys sails" tradition with an early 2023 sailing charter in the BVI.
For our safety series, a career firefighter answers questions and gives tips for sailors. ~by Beth Crabtree
The passage itself couldn’t begin without a beginning. Getting down and out of the Bay was a beginning of sorts. You can’t start a road trip unless you back the car out of the garage
SpinSheet will partner with Mark Thornton of LakeErieWX Marine Weather for a three-part webinar on Chesapeake Bay Thunderstorms.
With full tanks and a stocked pantry from mainland Puerto Rico, Culebra was like a little vacation stop where we could just wander and relax.


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