Libertad's visit to the Chesapeake and more opportunities to see tall ships and sailing schooners on the Chesapeake Bay.
What did sailors learn during a rough Annapolis Newport Race that could inform future offshore sailing races? 
A cruise to Charleston among friends, mixed conditions along the way, exciting sails, stargazing at anchor, and a journey to remember.
A conversation with Maryland State Senator Sarah Elfreth about three environmental bills she sponsored during the 2023 legislative session.
For nearly two years, we dallied with the inconceivable: buying a powerboat. We consoled ourselves with the knowledge that many of our sailing friends also own motorboats to supplement...
A steering system with too much power can leave the helmsperson with little tactile feel for the rudder load and requires a bigger turn to give the desired steering input.
Sailing on lots of different types of boats is a great way to learn, and Eli and Melissa have had that opportunity by taking classes at multiple sailing schools, chartering, and...
When asked why they love overnight racing on the Bay, Chesapeake region sailors give these five answer over and over again. 
The BayWoods Yacht Club became an instant hit with a sold-out Chesapeake Region Accessible Boating sailing event, a big-boat three-day charter, a radio-controlled...


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