So you are new to sailing? You are in the right place. We've compiled a list of resources to make it easy for you to dive into the sailing lifestyle.
10 reasons why you should Start Sailing Now!
I thought sailing would be boring. I was so wrong. It is so much fun, and I can count on something happening each time I go out that I had not encountered yet. I’m constantly learning...
 “Instead of feeling sad, I put myself into sailing. It gave me something positive to focus on and gave me purpose. Sailing was a life saver.”
"I love water sports. Why don’t I know how to sail?”
As part of our monthly Start Sailing Now series, Wendy Woods shares her journey from passenger to active sailing crew. ~by Beth Crabtree
Collegiate sailor Jocelyn Rovniak had never sailed a boat prior to walking on the Old Dominion University (ODU) sailing team three years ago. 
When he bought his new boat, Bramble was told that he was purchasing an adventure-making machine, and that proved to be correct.
Sailing is one of the best forms of family bonding. Because multiple generations can sail together and teamwork is a necessity, few sports bring families together the way sailing does...