"My wife's epic words were, 'Why don’t you just drive down to Annapolis and buy a sailboat?'" --by Beth Crabtree
She waited until her kids were out of the house to get caught up on her dream. Now, there's no stopping her. By Beth Crabtree
Tell us about how you got into sailing?
Learning to sail is picking a 5000-year old "hobby" that takes a weekend to learn, a lifetime to master.
Sailing seems a little intimidating to some people, and we can understand why.
Tell us about how you got into sailing and your approximate age at that time? I started sailing two and a half years ago in the spring, right before my 30th birthday
Tell us about how yo
It’s 9 a.m. and instead of working at my computer, I’m preparing to board a J/80 for about six hours of sail training. It’s sunny, hot, and breezy, as it has been all week.