Tell us about how you got into sailing?
Learning to sail is picking a 5000-year old "hobby" that takes a weekend to learn, a lifetime to master.
Sailing seems a little intimidating to some people, and we can understand why.
Tell us about how you got into sailing and your approximate age at that time? I started sailing two and a half years ago in the spring, right before my 30th birthday
Tell us about how yo
It’s 9 a.m. and instead of working at my computer, I’m preparing to board a J/80 for about six hours of sail training. It’s sunny, hot, and breezy, as it has been all week.
Could learning to sail play a small role in improving international relations? Well, sailing does require communication, understanding, and partnership.
Tell us about how you got into sailing? I was well into middle age and looking for a new hobby besides the high-impact sports that I had been involved in since my te