Some children grow up in sailing families and inherit the sailing gene as they might inherit brown eyes. They learn to sail without questioning it.
Sixteen years ago, John Arndt owner of the San Francisco-based magazine Latitude 38 decided to dedicate one day a year to bring sailors together and celebrate the sport. He chose the...
Most sailing professionals recommend wearing some form of PFD if: 1) you are not a confident swimmer; 2) the weather is rough and/or the water temperature is cold; and 3) you are...
Here are a few insider tips to help you understand what your new skipper is thinking in various hypothetical sailing situations and how you should react.
From dinghies to bluewater cruisers, there are a wide variety of sailboat types for all different kinds of sailing.
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It’s no secret: sailing can be an expensive sport. However, there are ways to try it without investing any money. 
Learning these 22 terms will help you understand what’s going on aboard any sailboat in the English-speaking world.