During this pandemic, visitors may explore Annapolis, dine outside, and find many pleasant, fun, and safe activities to fill their days. 
For sailing cruisers there are more quiet anchorages and coves to explore on the Chesapeake Eastern Shore than one could visit in a lifetime.
Cruising sailors who enjoy tying up, stretching their legs, and exploring small towns will want to check out Deltaville, Irvington, and Urbanna on the Rappahannock.
While sailing on the Chesapeake offers year-round enjoyment, the twilight weeks in November add a special magic to the Bay’s charms with crisp air, reliable breeze, and vibrant colors.
Cruising northbound is ideal when the persistent southerly winds are in a locked pattern for many days during Chesapeake Bay sailing summers.
Six sites have been chosen to host Smithsonians Water/Ways exhibit, which will tour throughout Maryland from May 2019 to March 2020.
To make sure you maximize your on-the-water time during sailing season, it’s best to make a plan now. Here are 10 tips for making that happen.
One of the things that makes Baltimore so special is its many unique and diverse neighborhoods. We’ve highlighted just a few of our favorites along the waterfront.
Just because your sailboat has been hauled for the winter does not mean that you can’t get out and explore Chesapeake country... click here for our 2018 holiday festivities suggetions.