Several unique attributes make Rock Hall, Maryland, a worthwhile destination for cruising sailors on the Chesapeake Bay. ~By Steven Toole
The Chesapeake Bay’s shores and rivers are peppered with a bevy of great dockside bars and restaurants that lie off the beaten path. ~By Steven Toole
Racing and cruising sailors will find much to do in Hampton, VA, where sailors host sailing regattas, launch cruising flotillas, soak up the maritime history, and welcome visitors...
The Chesapeake Bay starts here: Havre de Grace and other Northern Bay destinations.
Historic London Town along the South River is an interesting destination for sailors who enjoy learning about history along the Chesapeake Bay.
From Havre de Grace to Norfolk, the maritime museums along the Chesapeake Bay plan winter events and exhibits for sailors, boaters, and lovers of maritime history.
A longtime Rock Hall, MD, sailor, Captain Joe, gives a cheeky take on Swan Point Bar in the Chesapeake Bay.
The top 10 things sailors really want to do while in Annapolis for the U.S. Sailboat Show.
Solomons, Maryland, is not a hidden gem or a secret sailing destination; it’s more like an old friend that you know is there and can always go visit.