News for and about cruising sailors, their regional clubs and club directory, the 100-day SpinSheet Century Club challenge, and favorite sailing destinations on the Chesapeake Bay.

Whether arriving by boat on the Chester River or driving in via Route 213, a visit to Chestertown, on Maryland’s Eastern Shore, is well worth the trip.
Summer Afloat... a new liveaboard takes his first weekend cruise on the Chesapeake. ~by Aidan Palmer
Venturing north of the Bay Bridge brings a different kind of fun and challenge for the Bay cruiser. 
Here's the second in our three-part series on Offshore Sailing. ~by Tracy Leonard
What's it like to spend your first summer living on a boat? Aidan Palmer shares his thoughts on life afloat as summer arrives on the Chesapeake....
The Simons' masthead camera took this great 360 time lapse footage of leaving Baltimore Harbor on the first few days a big adventure
Life on a tropical island, sailing for a living... the ups and downs of living and working in paradise. by Cindy Wallach
The Round Bay Sailing Association annual meeting was held at the home of member Don Snelgrove.
Sailing Chavurah Welcomes New Members