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SMSA has a full line-up of June events for members, including small boat racing, women's racing, a solstice cruise, and, Wednesday night keelboat racing.
SpinSheet's editor discusses the merits of waking up in a new place on her Baycation.
SpinSheet's editor takes a Baycation and explores two Mill Creeks on her rain day.
We asked three experts what they think sailors could be doing to get the most out of their onboard electronics, whether added piecemeal or all at once.
SpinSheet's editor discovers "old yeller" and a pod of dolphins on her first day of her Baycation.
CBTSC updates for June 2017
There are all kinds of people out there, if you’ll take the time to listen to them, to humor them, to oblige them their vices, to talk with them. 
Whether arriving by boat on the Chester River or driving in via Route 213, a visit to Chestertown, on Maryland’s Eastern Shore, is well worth the trip.