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More adventures of Sean McCarthy and Rosalita the Rottweiler
A summary of the best places for sailors to eat (and drink) in Key West, Florida
Norfolk District Operations Branch personnel use a crane barge to remove downed trees along the Dismal Swamp Canal's Lake Drummond feeder ditch here October 27,2016. The trees came down during Hurricane Matthew. Photo by Patrick Bloodgood
The canal, which was closed due to extensive damage from Hurricane Matthew in October, requires dredging, debris and tree removal, and an investigation into reports of shoaling at...
Looking south from the Big Game Club to the entrance to Bimini Harbor.
"I’d just graduated from college and my roommate Michael and I had chartered a Pearson 30 for the trip. We’d found three attractive student teachers on spring break to join us, and we...
"The top priority of walking docks and being on boats in the winter is to never, ever, ever fall in the water." --by Tracy Leonard
Fall is Goodbye Season, and I stink at goodbyes. I am the worst person to be writing about this because I am the perfect model of what not to do. I go completely overboard wanting to shower the departing crew with attention and wine and dinners and though
"Sailors sail around, they meet other sailors, become fast and deep friends, and then sail away. Maybe forever. The end. So why do we put ourselves through this?" --by Cindy Wallach
Which is the better cruising destination for sailors? One cruising couple takes a closer look. By Mike Camarata
With a history dating back to the Civil War, Point Lookout Lighthouse in St. Mary's County is a fascinating yet often overlooked landmark. By Kaylie Jasinski
Weather-watching vigilance is a year-round habit for sailors. Photo by Ashley Love
Though not unique, sailors are among those for whom general weather information and forecasts are utterly essential. By Eva Hill. Photo by Ashley Love