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It isn’t often today that real adventure is encountered by chance. Too often it’s programmed and predictable, with little left to capriciousness or throwing caution to the wind.
The Chesapeake Bay, with all of its quaint towns, is a great place to watch Fourth of July fireworks.
Like a good pot of soup, this idea kept simmering and simmering until it finally boiled over into a not-often repeated adventure.
Earlier in the day, we had set out on Symbiosis from the cruisers’ mecca of GeorgeTown destined for Mayaguana in the far southern Bahamas.
You could easily spend a week on the lower Choptank River in a different spot each night and not come close to seeing everything.
I do not think that watching kitten videos is a waste of time. Nor do I think watching videos of puppies sleeping with pigs or eagles getting their bellies rubbed is wasting time.
We were supposed to set sail in September. By November, we would be exploring historic St. Augustine. January, oh January in the Bahamas! Instead, we will remain in Baltimore.