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Some of the cruising community's must-see, can't-miss spots from ICW itineraries. By Art Pine.
We sailors, especially those of us in climates with afternoon thunderstorms regularly in summer, think about lightning more than most.
Who's been looking for Chessie? Looks like his cousin has turned up in British Columbia!
Photo courtesy of Pirate Adventures of the Chesapeake
The several maritime museums along the Chesapeake Bay are one option for shore excursions, but there are plenty of others to take advantage of all over the Bay while still remaining...
As cruisers, we know a few universal truths. Everything tastes better when eaten on a boat; very little is more rewarding than eating something you’ve caught or grown yourself; and it’...
It isn’t often today that real adventure is encountered by chance. Too often it’s programmed and predictable, with little left to capriciousness or throwing caution to the wind.
The Chesapeake Bay, with all of its quaint towns, is a great place to watch Fourth of July fireworks.
Like a good pot of soup, this idea kept simmering and simmering until it finally boiled over into a not-often repeated adventure.