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As the azure water of Nassau Harbor glistens in the tropical heat, I think of how my friends and colleagues imagined I would be spending my days when I quit my job three months ago t
Seems like a lot of talk about Cuba these days with Fidel stepping aside and the new, kinder U.S. policies in place. It’s going to change fast, that’s what we kept hearing.
de Gast recalled that during the voyage he was “alone—but never lonely.” --by David Gendell
One thing I have always found a bit odd about sailing is how often sailors like to motor.
Great video of one group's charter vacation to Croatia.
This past summer, I was aboard Calypso concocting a Thai noodle dish to serve to guests who had won a daysail on our boat at
Whenever we meet someone new and they find out what we’re doing, they usually stamp out something like, “You guys are living the dream!” And, we are.