News for and about cruising sailors, their regional clubs and club directory, the 100-day SpinSheet Century Club challenge, and favorite sailing destinations on the Chesapeake Bay.

The Jones Family: Ken, Kaylee, and Danielle.
"In our travels, we've encountered several couples who do better than others at getting past these tense moments." --by Scott Neuman
SpinSheet photographer Eric Moseson shot some beautiful photos last weekend at Downr...
What do you think, sailors--crazy or clever? Here's one crusing sailor's solution for getting under a 65-foot bridge.  
2015 Rolex competitor Ichiban sails down the Tasmanian Coast past a spectacular feature called the Organ Pipes. Photo by Stefano Gattini
Traveling across the world to find a place that feels just like home. By Craig Ligibel
"My demanding, intimate, and all-consuming relationship with a classic Sailmaster/C sloop built in Holland in 1962 has run its course after 30 years of cruising the middle Chesapeake...
No one seemed to know just how far up the river you could sail. So Steve Allan decided to find out.
Even with tropical breezes and turquoise waters calling seductively from the South, Bay sailors this October can find their own patch of paradise on the Chesapeake. By Tracy Leonard
Even when the chapters of your adventure wander into unexpected plot twists, happy endings are still possible. By Cindy Wallach
In response to our article "10 Things Racers Need to Know About Cruisers," one cruising sailor has...