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"Family traditions will endure, with or without me. But a good 10 – 12 knots on a 50-degree day might not present itself ever again on Christmas Day." --by Steve Allen
Sometimes I look our cats right in the eye and say, “You loved Spain, didn’t you?” or I’ll say, “Doesn’t this remind you of Africa?” or “You really liked this food in Portugal!” And
If you own a sailboat and you’ve always wanted to ply the Intracoastal Waterway (ICW), you’re in for a new experience.
Bareboating off the southern coast of Baja, there is virtually no cell phone coverage, and you are out of VHF range after a day’s sail from the charter base in La Paz.
Award winning sailors and movie makers, Teresa and Ben Carey, are taking the lead in an exciting new cooperative venture between the sailing and scientific communities. This summer,
Over a busy holiday weekend, we needed to detour into St. Michaels to pump out.
Sailing across an ocean can change your attitude about many things. It will force you to respect the weather, the power of the wind, and the size of the waves.