The Mariners’ Museum and Park’s newest exhibition will open Saturday, May 27 with an America's Cup Yacht suspended in the air.
Amazing eBay auction for a 2-bedroom, beachfront Bermuda condo for watching the America's Cup Finals to benefit Hospice Cup!
To accompany Craig Ligibel's article "Split for the Cup: Make Plans Now To Watch the 2017 America’s Cup in Person" in the April issue, here are some resources
After Land Rover BAR suffered a collision with a mobile dock during a routine procedure, one video offers astute observations for how to improve the situation.
Tucker Thompson speaks in front of a crowd at Fawcett Boat Supplies in Annapolis. Photo by Craig Ligibel
Annapolis’ verteran sailor and commentator Tucker Thompson has played a big role in building pre-race excitement. By Craig Ligibel